A Curriculum Conundrum

Wordle ACWhen the idea of revamping our program came to fruition, we started searching high and low for a curriculum and resources to teach our students. The internet had many ideas, and there were a  number of “study skills” books on the market. But they had several problems. First and foremost was that we were looking for engaging lessons and topics that would interest high school students, and provide skills that they were often lacking in their skill set. What we found were often worksheet based, strictly teacher led lessons. Or worse, video tutorials on study skills. And to top it off, many curriculum options out there focused on all paper and pencil skills. Our kids don’t learn that way. And, our goal was to introduce them to skills that could integrate technology. So after searching for the majority of summer, we decided that in order to run the program on our vision, we would create a program from scratch.

We decided that there was so much we wanted to cover with our students, but the most emphasis would focus on organization, test taking strategies, advocating for oneself and personal drive.


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