High School Support: Before the Blend

Traditionally at the high school level, buildings operate two separate programs to support students at the Tier II level. For struggling general education students, one program (sometimes called the Learning Center or Student Center) is run by a learning consultant or classroom teacher and supported by a paraprofessional(s). Here, general education students often work on study strategies, organization, re-teaching of concepts, and homework assistance and on a daily basis.

For students in special education working towards a high school diploma, the program, often called Study Skills or the Learning Resource program, is also taught separately, and focuses on study strategies, organization, re-teaching of concepts and homework assistance as well as test preparation. Here students work with a special education teacher and paraprofessionals to help them be successful in their classes and stay on track to graduate.

With these two programs, students with often very similar academic needs, work in separate parts of the building, with different staff, to accomplish the same goal: supporting students in their academic classes through teaching study skills, providing homework support and re teaching and pre-teaching future concepts. But why are these programs separate? Wouldn’t it be better to put all these great resources together? These questions would drive a group of teachers to try something new…..


4 thoughts on “High School Support: Before the Blend

  1. I feel that one of the every-day problem that I encounter with special education – regardless of the structure – is that we as classroom teachers don’t really know what happens in the special education classrooms! A combination structure where all of the students and and resources are together sounds like a great idea. And coaching up the classroom teachers as to the structure and how they can access the resources is a necessity!

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